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Rasheda Kamaria Williams is an engaging and empowering speaker who connects with both youth and adult audiences.  She has delivered powerful talks, workshops and programs in honor of national observances and special events including: Women’s History Month, National Mentoring Month, Bullying Prevention Month and International Day of the Girl.


Rasheda partners with schools, organizations and professional associations to facilitate workshops and programs aimed at preventing and addressing cyberbullying, drama, relational aggression and other social/communications challenges facing youth. The ultimate goal is to increase empathy and self-esteem among participants as well as social and relationship skills. She also offers workshops and training programs for adults – from educators and nonprofit professionals to mentors and parents – who desire to make a difference.

For Youth

Chica Chat: Inspiring Sisterhood

Designed for middle and high school students, Chica Chat equips girls with the skills and tools to go from strangers and frenemies to friends. Through engaging exercises – both written and experiential – girls break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and learn to use their personal power for good. Participants have the opportunity to be self-expressed, heard and understood by their peers and adult mentors in a supportive, safe and accepting environment. (GIRLS)

Social Secrets: What Teens Should Know

Engaging and informative workshop offering tips to help teens manage their online reputation and maintain safety online. Explores how young people can avoid drama and cyberbullying as well as how they can use social media for good. (GIRLS & BOYS)

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Kind Online (Digital Citizenship Assembly)

Empowered Flower Girl and Smiley the Clown Company partner to encourage students to be safe, smart and kind online. The 45-minute assembly promoting good digital citizenship and online safety is ideal for middle schools, faith-based orgs and community groups.

For Adults

Mentoring Girls & Inspiring Sisterhood: In the Age of Bad Girls, Housewives and Frenemies

Interactive and entertaining, Mentoring Girls, promotes the value and benefits of role modeling and one-on-one mentoring as tools to combat relational aggression and encourage positive relationships among girls and young women. We explore how adolescent development plays a key role in socialization and examine the role of popular media (especially reality TV) in shaping girls’ and women’s relationship realities.

Social Secrets: What Parents (and Educators) Should Know

Whether you call it “drama,” “beef,” or “throwing shade,” online conflict via social media is impacting the way kids communicate and relate to one another. Social Secrets, designed for parents and/or educators, explores how tweens and teens are using social media and how their online interactions impact offline relationships. Participants learn how they can help the young people in their lives avoid social media pitfalls.


“Ms. Williams was an instructor and chaperone for my organization’s five-day youth entrepreneurship academy, and provided exceptional services in both areas. She demonstrated great passion for her assignment as chaperone. Our students, of all ages, enjoyed her presence and looked forward to seeing her. As facilitator of the “Communicating with Confidence” workshop, Ms. Williams shared business/public speaking and pitching techniques that were very relatable and engaging for the youth. The students were very receptive to her teaching style and her passion for the topic.”Theresa Randleman, T-Rose Foundation, Executive Director

“The (Communicating with Confidence) workshop was fun, informative and engaging. The girls really enjoyed the hands-on activities. We received such positive feedback from the participants. As a result of their participation, they learned new skills for communicating in a way that is persuasive and empowering.”Tonya McNeal-Weary, Young Entrepreneur Series, Executive Director

“We were experiencing a lot of drama with our middle school girls. Our girls needed a structured and safe environment to learn and express themselves. The Chica Chat allowed them to do so. I received positive feedback afterward and even felt the climate change a bit. One girl even said ‘I actually squashed some beef from that.’ Hearing that, made me very happy.”  – Alaina Evans, Laurus Academy, Teacher

“This workshop was awesome! The parent volunteers left with a new sense of knowledge regarding social media. I encourage all parents and educators to host Social Secrets. This workshop will empower, encourage and arm you with information to help keep teens safe online.”Nasienka Francis, Tucker Middle School, Parent Facilitator