Inspiring Sisterhood: Girl World Peace

I was inspired to launch Empowered Flower Girl in 2010 after mentoring several girls and young women over the course of nearly a decade. Additionally, at the time, my three nieces were in their teens. They all were bright girls but a few faced challenges with confidence, self image and relationships with family and classmates. I wanted to help them overcome those challenges to live powerfully.

Many of our girls today are facing similar challenges in and out of the classroom. As a result, their interactions with each other can be hostile or unfriendly. Some are acting out because they don’t have the support or tools and others may be dealing with trauma.

We are working to change that. Empowered Flower Girl is on a mission to transform the way young people relate to one another and themselves.

We partner with schools, community organizations and faith-based groups and offer a number of programs, including our signature Chica Chat workshop, designed to inspire sisterhood and increase empathy and self-esteem.

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Ready to make a difference? Join Girl World Peace Academy, a self-guided online course that gives you tools, tips and strategies to connect with and engage girls to live above cyberbullying, mean girl behavior, societal pressure and other challenges they face. The course includes 3 video lessons (see topics below), an interactive workbook, special bonuses AND an hour of one-on-one coaching with Empowered Flower Girl chief empowering officer and youth empowerment expert Rasheda Kamaria.

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  • You are seeking content to complement your current prevention programming.
  • Girls in your school or community face social or emotional challenges that impact their ability to thrive.
  • Bullying, cyberbullying, relational aggression or drama are an issue in your school or community.